Used techniques for the framework of EVE

EVE framework is based on two architectural styles: strict 'layered system' style to encapsulate different access requirements of increasing complexity within different technologies and 'pipe-and-filter' style to provide sequential transactional operation of service.

This combination leads to the following basic components of the framework:

Frame The Frame component encapsulates EVE services and provides the service integration into the framework. The Frame implements a coordinator for sequential operation of services, allows service instantiation through dynamic class loading and provides transactional behavior to allow service composition. This is realized as a JavaBean.

Share To offer EVE services on a LAN, the Share component realizes a Jini wrapper: It encapsulates the Frame component and shares it to a Jini network as a service. A Share registers with a Jini lookup service and can be accessed by NetFrame, as well as any other Jini client.

NetFrame The NetFrame component executes an EVE service remotely. It locates the EVE service requested usuing service name resolving and executes the service using a defined interface called 'IEveService'.