Take a walk into the future!

EVE could be the start of a paradigm shift. A possible future could look like this:

It is not necessary to learn programing languages anymore. And you do not use letters or crypted words nobody is really understanding to give a machine instructions. You are writing your instrucions in symbols connected by links to symbolize how they work together - finally it will be your special model symbolizing your programm. You know - people easier understand symbolic pictures than cryptic words - others (and not only computer scientists) will be able to understand your programms! And it is easier to make pictures multinational than code!

It's easier to update a model than code because because you easier get a cloue which elements are central or not, what is linked with something else even if you were not the one who engineered this model.

Shared working will be easier because the connections between moduls are well defined in a model and everybody is able to understand how things are working together.

There could be a community sharing models or webservices. Webservice gateways in locations like airports, universities, motels, shopping areas etc. will give you informations which webservice is available and could be used.

There are some efforts to use models for programming but nothing so consequent like EVE.