Welcome to EVE - the Evolution & Validation Environment!

Reuse in software construction has been a core aspect of software engineering since the term was coined in late 70's. Strategies for reuse like high level languages, structuring and encapsulation have made valuable contributions. Today, the software industry produces components as reusable parts, which deliver advantages like faster time-to-market, cost reduction, better maintainability, configurability etc. While the reuse of code and components improves, one important contributing factor of the engineering process remains out of scope: Although design reuse is more effective and beneficial than code reuse models of software systems still are not assets of the software process. As a result design reuse does not impact the actual software engineering process.

This is the point where EVE comes into play.

We hope EVE has the potential to globally reuse and share know-how expressed in models and model services, independent of and complementary to existing modeling tools.